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Help us build a house, so that they all find a home.

No animal is turned away at AARS.

American Animal Rescue Society (AARS) rescues abandoned and abused dogs and cats of any breed, age, or disability—from the “kill lists” at overcrowded animal control facilities. We then provide them with veterinary care and each animal is spayed or neutered. They are then placed into temporary foster homes until we find their perfect forever home. We love our fosters but just never have enough of them in comparison to the number of animals who need rescue just in Chicago alone. That is where an actual shelter facility would help us save so many more! Thousands more!

We have a soft spot not only for cute puppies and kitten but especially for the adult dogs, the misunderstood bully breeds, the seniors who have been thrown away and the animals who really need a lot of medical attention or even urgent surgeries. We are here for those and many times are their last hope of being saved.

100% of donations belong to the animals.

There’s no payroll at AARS—just a network of dedicated people saving lives. The AARS donation fund covers all medical care. Help us now raise funds for a shelter facility so we can save many more lives.

We’re not a shelter. We’re so much more.

AARS is a different kind of rescue. Now we’d like to build a different kind of facility.

We are currently a foster-based rescue. If we can find a foster home for an animal in danger, we can save a life.

But we only have a very small window of time to find those homes—often just a day or two. We’re looking to build a facility that gives the animals a safe place to go—to ensure, quite literally, that they make it out of the shelter alive.

Our facility will be different.

Our goal is not to be just another shelter. Our focus will be on a holistic environment where we focus on the animals’ physical, emotional and social needs. Our vision for a shelter is not your traditional shelter instead it will be a place where all the animals who walk through our doors will be able to heal. Our vision for the innovative shelter will be built in a way that focuses on rehabilitation of animals so that they can find their forever homes.

We invite YOU to be a part of our mission! You CAN make a difference right here not only for today but for many years to come.

We need your help.

We gratefully accept donations in ANY amount. Click here to donate! at or mail gifts to:

American Animal Rescue Society

P.O. Box 3511

Oak Brook, IL 60522-3511

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Guest25$2015-12-17For all the loyal furry friends :)
Guest50$2015-08-17Keep up the good work
Guest20$2014-11-14For Ariel, because I love my Tiffypoo
Guest20$2014-11-13For Ariel
Guest20$2014-11-13Get rolling Ariel. - from Billy
Guest20$2014-11-12For Ariel
suzimeo20$2014-11-12For Ariel
Guest100$2014-09-26In Memory of Mark.C, a great man who truly loved and was concerned for the well-being of animals, especially dogs.
Guest20$2014-08-15Thank you! You truly make a difference in the lives of animals as well as people.
Guest182$2014-08-12Kaylee Herriman set up a lemonade stand and raised all this money to go towards AARS. She wanted to help animals who were sick or did not have homes :)
Guest100$2014-05-16For Denise and Rich who are tying the knot today. Congratulations to both of you!
Guest20$2013-12-14For helping Lulu find a home.
Guest200$2013-11-02for Nina - the cat pulled from cacc
Guest25$2013-10-01Towards a home : )
Guest25$2013-08-15We are unable to attend the picnic, however we wanted to send a donation anyway. Wish we could come! Have fun everyone!! ♥
Guest20$2013-07-14For the little yorkie rescued today by Joanna.
TNgo2255$2013-06-28This is for a box of food for Bella.
Guest60$2013-06-28This donation is for Critter for a harness and groom from Chris and Heather Kelly. Good luck Critter your a cutie! In Lizzy Bears honor!
Guest10$2013-03-19For Cali, thank you for helping her! Mary Gariffe/Toronto/Canada
Guest25$2013-01-29Thanks for all the work you do and the lives you touch!
Guest25$2013-01-12for helping animals! more to come! -ryan
Guest25$2012-12-27This is for LASSIE!!!! God Bless her and her family!!!!
Guest551$2012-12-26from Helping Paws auction.....
Guest20$2012-12-22This is for Lassie. God Bless her!
Guest20$2012-12-22My daughter requested that part of her Christmas gift be a donation to Lassie and your shelter...his story touched her heart!
Guest50$2012-12-22For Lassie. In the event that all funds have been raised for her surgery, then at the discretion of the good people at the AAR Society. MWD Duffy #P422
Guest15$2012-12-21This is for the shelter. However, I am so happy the money was raised for Lassie. Happy Christmas!!
Guest50$2012-12-21For Lassie...if not needed, for the other important work that you do.
Guest200$2012-12-20this for LASSIE. Best Wishes
Guest50$2012-12-20For Lassie, get better swed heart, and a kind message to your owner, be careful next time make sure to hold on the leash!
Guest25$2012-12-20For Lassie. Merry Christmas! With Best Wishes from Hobo!
Guest5$2012-12-20For Lassie, Good Luck
Guest50$2012-12-20For Lassie & her medical care. Happy Holidays
Guest10$2012-12-20For Lassie. We also have a dog whose name is Lassie. Hope this helps with your surgery.
Guest100$2012-12-20For Lassie, I hope this helps get you the surgery you need.... Love, Beth
Guest20$2012-12-20For Lassie, with Love from Kathy, in memory of Roxie and Sasha, I lost them both when they ran away on the same day, I miss them so much,,,,,get well sweetie.
Guest10$2012-12-20For Lassie
Guest15$2012-12-20Get better soon Lassie!
Guest10$2012-12-20This is for Lassie to help her with her pain and the surgery she needs on her leg! I saw your story and I am so glad that your owners found you. You are a sweetheart!!! From Chester and Chico!!!
Guest20$2012-12-20Get better Lassie
Guest20$2012-12-20For Lassie ❤
Guest20$2012-12-20For Lassie, from Bodhi.
Guest15$2012-12-20for dear Lassie---in loving memory of Lincoln!
Guest10$2012-12-20for Lassie in memory of my Jordan
Guest10$2012-12-20for Lassie good luck
Guest50$2012-12-20This is for Lassie. We hope she gets her surgery, and her leg gets better.
Guest30$2012-12-20Our donation is to your "Shelter Fund" for all the loving work you are doing, such as helping Lassie and her family. God bless you all, and all creatures great and small. Merry Christmas, with love and paws of friendship from Kelly & Abilene in Woodstock.
Guest50$2012-12-19For Lassie, I hope that you will have a successful surgery and will soon be running and playing.
Guest100$2012-12-19For Lassie, in memory of Angora, Terry and Whitney
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie surgery
Guest50$2012-12-19Get Well Lassie
Guest20$2012-12-19We Love you Lassie! Love, Cooper, Marley, Cody, and Colter! We hope you are running around soon!
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie, Get Well Soon, girl. Lots of people are cheering for you and your good recovery.
Guest20$2012-12-19Merry Christmas Lassie!!!!! I hope you have a safe recovery! Love-Hoosier
Guest10$2012-12-19This is for Lassie. We were so happy to see she was able to get home safely and want to help her with her surgery so she can heal as quickly as possible.
Guest10$2012-12-19Get well Lassie!!!!
Guest15$2012-12-19For Lassie - God Bless Her
Guest25$2012-12-19This is for Lassie.
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie. If she has enough $ for the operation, please use it as you will. Rich and Deb.
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie
Guest10$2012-12-19This is for Lassie.
Guest15$2012-12-19This is for Lassie
Guest50$2012-12-19This is to help Lassie get her leg fixed. We do not want her to lose her leg. Hope you are feeling better soon.
Guest10$2012-12-19This is for Lassie Get well quick!
Guest20$2012-12-19This is for Lassie. Keep us posted on how she is doing please
Guest250$2012-12-19This is for Lassie so she can have her surgery, Merry Christmas from Lucky, Buddy and Coco also in memory of Coco Berry and Lucky Sr.
Guest10$2012-12-19For Lassie. Go girl!
Guest10$2012-12-19For Lassie. Take good care of her.
Guest20$2012-12-19This is for Lassie. Hope she recovers soon.
Guest50$2012-12-19For Lassie! Merry Christmas from Artie & Zuzu ACS rescue cats...
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie, for her leg operation
Guest50$2012-12-19For Lassie!!! Please use my donation to help Lassie the run-away dog, get the surgery she needs for her broken leg.
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie!!!! Or another pet in need if enought donations received for her surgery!
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie She will need lots of vet care and TLC!!! Please take good care of her. In memory of my Coco..
pamela121120$2012-12-19From Luna dog to Lassie - hope you feel better - so glad you made it home!
Guest200$2012-12-19For Lassie and her family. Please use this for her surgery and continued medical needs. Hope this will help Lassie to get back on her feet again. Merry Christmas! In memory of our Toby....
Guest25$2012-12-19Thank you AARS! My best to Lassie. Bitzy the English Mastiff of Seneca.
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie from one Dog lover to another.
Guest10$2012-12-19For Lassie - be sure you buy her a HARNESS! If she gets enough donations please use to help another needy animal.
Guest200$2012-12-19For Lassie, to fix her leg and be out of pain! In memory of Max and Reba.
Guest50$2012-12-19For Lassie, Good Luck with your surgery
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie. Get myour leg surgery and get well soon. Your friends WildBill and Sweet Jan.
Guest100$2012-12-19For Lassie and her family. Love Kaya
Guest50$2012-12-19for lassie for a quicjk recovery! from boggie and sasha, her basset friends!
Guest50$2012-12-19For Lassie! Good luck, sweet girl! All the best from Rossi
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie from two very loved Chihuhuas, Skip & Scarlett
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie and her surgery
Guest5$2012-12-19For Lassie, get better soon!
Guest20$2012-12-19Gift for lassies surgery
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie from her Boxer friend, Taylor
Guest50$2012-12-19Good luck Lassie!
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie for her leg surgery
Guest10$2012-12-19This donation is for help her get the surgery she needs.
Guest20$2012-12-19Lassie, I hope you feel better soon! Merry Christmas from Raleigh
Guest50$2012-12-19For Lassie from another loved dog named Sadie!
Guest10$2012-12-19For Lassie. My kids (age 9 and 4) saw her on the news and wanted to help so she gets her surgery. Get well soon.
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie leg surgery . Please get trained in controlling Lassie.
Guest10$2012-12-19for lassie love bella b xo
Guest50$2012-12-19For Lassie and her leg surgery
Guest10$2012-12-19For Lassie to have the surgery needed. Jim
Guest15$2012-12-19For lassie! I hope you feel better soon
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie! Feel better sweetheart!
Guest20$2012-12-19For lassie and her surgery to save her leg
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie and her surgery
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie - hope she can get her surgery! Merry Xmas.
Guest100$2012-12-19For Lassie. Good luck with your leg surgery and get better soon beautiful girl!
Guest5$2012-12-19For Lassie
Guest10$2012-12-19This is for Lassie. I hope you raise enough to get her the surgery she so desperately needs. God bless.
Guest20$2012-12-19For lassie the dog on the Kennedy expressway so glad you found your home!!!
Guest50$2012-12-19For Lassie. From Susan and Murphy.
Guest10$2012-12-19For Lassie
Guest50$2012-12-19For Lassie From John & Teresa in Palatine. For her surgery.
Guest10$2012-12-19For Lassie in memory of Bailey! :)
Guest20$2012-12-19This is for Lassie, the sweet girl dog found on the expressway in Illinois. Speedy Recovery Lassie and your family.
Guest20$2012-12-19for Lassie from Daisy, Woofs
Guest50$2012-12-19For Lassie
Guest5$2012-12-19for Lassie
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie. She needs to keep that leg.
Guest100$2012-12-19For Lassie who was injured on the Kennedy Expressway.
Guest20$2012-12-19for Lassie and her leg surgery...compliments of Rin Tin Tin
Guest15$2012-12-19For Lassie! Get well soon
Guest100$2012-12-19Please donate this to Lassie the dog that was hit on the Kennedy expressway. We wish her a speedy recovery. From Moose, Truman and Buster.
Guest100$2012-12-19Please use for Lassie for her leg surgery.
Guest50$2012-12-19FOR LASSIE
Guest100$2012-12-19Merry Christmas Lassie - so glad your story has a happy ending. Good luck with the surgery. Best wishes from my fur baby cats Tess and Toby (Naperville)
Guest20$2012-12-19This donation is for Lassie! I hope you get your surgery!
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie
Guest50$2012-12-19For Lassie, from Musette in Chicago. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie!
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie and her surgery...Love, Mimzy
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie on the NBC5 News
Guest50$2012-12-19For Lassie
Guest50$2012-12-19For Lassie, from Tulip in St. Charles. Please go to the VCA in Aurora fro your surgery. They are amazing!
Guest10$2012-12-19For Lassie and her surgery from Zoe.
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie in memory of Duke
Guest10$2012-12-19For Lassie......... from mango and tango
Guest20$2012-12-19for Lassie to her leg surgery
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie Surgery
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie, get well soon
Guest50$2012-12-19For lassie
Guest20$2012-12-19For Lassie girl!
Guest20$2012-12-19FOR LASSIE!
Guest10$2012-12-19For Lassie!
Guest100$2012-12-19Please use for the surgery and care of Lassie the dog found on the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago. Thank you.
janetmellor10$2012-12-19For Lassie!
Guest50$2012-12-19For Lassie!!
Guest50$2012-12-19For Lassie ... in memory of Hobbes & TJ ... who also loved to take off an run ... but always made it home ... and now wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.
Guest50$2012-12-19For Lassie-Chicago IL
Guest20$2012-12-19For lassie.
Guest50$2012-12-19For Lassie
Guest100$2012-12-19Please use for the surgery & care fund "for Lassie" the shepherd mix found loose on the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago this week.
Guest100$2012-12-19Please use for the surgery & care fund "for Lassie" the shepherd mix found loose on the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago this week.
Guest50$2012-12-19for lassie from cheyenne
Guest10$2012-12-19for lassie and her leg surgery
Guest50$2012-12-18A donation from Biscuit Waight
kristieamella20$2012-11-15This is for Trooper aka Cosmo...thank you for saving his life!!!
Guest15$2012-11-11For Trooper. Thanks for caring for him and giving him another chance.
Guest20$2012-11-11This is for Trooper aka Cosmo...thank you for saving his life!!!
Guest5$2012-09-25Inn honor of all of my beloved rescue dogs: Abby, Lucy and Jordan...who have blessed my life.
Guest10$2012-09-24For the two little dogs that a injured.
Guest50$2012-09-23For Nina
Guest10$2012-09-23i hope you reach your goal for building the shelter,every animal needs a safe place to call home.
Guest20$2012-09-18This is for the two burned fur kids, mama and baby.
Guest275$2012-09-17For Cody
DeniseH50$2012-07-21The Herriman family is donating in honor of Tracey Noah. For her birthday this year - she says she wants no gifts. She wants us to donate to AARS.
Guest50$2012-07-15Memorial gift in honor of my Aunt Janice Gordon Johnson of Mt. Washington, KY
TerryO50$2012-06-30I am donating this to honor my daughter Susan Ostrander who is griefing the recenbt loss of her beloved Mariell. Susan is volunating today in Lombard for the aarssociety.
Guest35$2012-06-29I want this to support Joey the Yorkie who has had to have surgery due to an accident. Thank you!
Guest50$2012-06-29For Joe the Yorkie- From Nash
Guest300$2012-06-27from Helping Paws!! thank you for pulling him
Guest30$2012-06-27For Joey the Yorkie ~~From Binks & Yoda
cathy cass20$2012-06-27---
Guest15$2012-06-27Joey the Yorkie ( poor baby ) ope it helps Joanna
Guest50$2012-06-10I take responsibility in helping those who make a difference in these animals lives.
DeniseH70$2012-06-07From Kaylee: I want to help any animal in need :)
Guest125$2012-05-29For wheels and Nellie
purrsfive@comcast.net35$2012-05-16My gift for Heidi and her pups. Shelly says that she is so grateful for our good home that she wants me to help Heidi. Sabrina, too!
erinmae2915$2012-05-16For Heidi & her puppies. I hope this helps a bit!
luvsgiraffes5$2012-05-16I want this to go towards the matching donation fund going on right now on facebook for Heidi and her pups
Wrigleymom20$2012-05-16For Heidi
Bean50$2012-05-16For Heidi
okeedokie25$2012-05-16Hope this helps you reach your goal!
Guest10$2012-05-16For Heidi
Guest5$2012-05-16For Heidi. :)
Guest5$2012-05-16For Heidi! Wish I could give more, but hope this helps you reach your $1000 matching goal!!
cathy cass30$2012-05-16God bless Heidi!
Guest20$2012-05-16for Heidi!!
Guest10$2012-05-16For Heidi
Guest20$2012-05-15For Heidi. Lots of love and prayers from Julie and Jon Hamelau. Our 5 rescued furbabies have their paws crossed for Heidi!! xoxo
Guest10$2012-05-15For Heidi, been thinking good thoughts for you and your pups :)
Guest25$2012-05-15For Heidi. Keep fighting, you can do this!
Guest50$2012-05-13For Heidi. May God bless her.
Guest20$2012-05-13For Heidi. Get well baby!
ginakim67@hotmail.com50$2012-05-12Donating for Heidi and her pups on behalf of my Mom - stay strong Heidi, there is much love out here for you!
Guest20$2012-05-12Donation for Heidi and her pups Love Gina, Tony Chopper and Izzy Picchi
Johnson5$2012-05-11For Heidi. Wish I could do more.
Guest15$2012-05-11for Heidi the mamma
jvanderwal300$2012-05-11This is for Heidi..keeping her in my Prayers!
nnikki534@yahoo.com100$2012-05-11Please put this donation towards Heidi and the pups! Praying for you all!
ginakim67@hotmail.com50$2012-05-11For Heidi and her pups
billostrum20$2012-05-11This is for Heidi and her pups. Hang in there momma. :)
Guest100$2012-05-10This is for Heidi and her puppies. Hugs to them all!
luvsgiraffes15$2012-05-04This is for Lucy the Cocker Spaniel I have fallen in love with and have been following since she was rescued
Guest50$2012-05-03For Sarah and Lucy in Chicagp. Love, Mom and Dad
Guest20$2012-05-03Please use this money to help with the Vet bills for Lucy, the adorable Cocker Spaniel and her puppies! Thank you!!
Guest20$2012-05-03This is for Lucy. Hope she gets better soon!
cindyb96320$2012-05-03For Lucy or Poochie, sending wishes for thier recovery.
ginakim67@hotmail.com50$2012-05-02This $50 is for Lucy and her pups!
Guest100$2012-05-02Please put this donations toward Nellie. Thanks Joanna, for helping all of these animals. You make the world a better place. XX Julie and Sashe(formerly Harley)
Guest100$2012-05-01For the little injured chihuahua girl, or wherever you need it most. Thank you so much for saving lives.
Guest20$2012-05-01This is towards the vet bill of the little dog rescued today who had her pups taken away. Get well baby!
Guest50$2012-05-01For Poochie and for all your hard work!
Guest100$2012-04-22in honor of brandi this is for your scales.
Guest50$2012-04-16This is for Simon who you just pulled from CACC. Thank you!
Guest75$2012-04-16This donation is for the pledge I made on Facebook for Simon, the chi/pm you guys just rescued from CACC. Thank you for saving him. Teri Tully
nnikki534@yahoo.com50$2012-03-20Best of luck!
Guest100$2012-03-02This donation is for Domino, the pittie puppy from ACC that has mange. Thank you for saving him AARS.
Grandmacub50$2012-02-20You are wonderful!
agkero50$2012-02-19Please help Valentina with this donation!!
Guest20$2012-02-19This is for you Nina... Your bro..
Guest20$2012-02-19This is for Valentine. Hang in there, girl!
cindyb96320$2012-02-18This donation is for Valentina the 4 month old Pittie that is so sick. I hope she improves fast!
Guest50$2012-02-14Happy Anniversary AARS! This donation is in thanks for my dog Paco who AARS rescued and I gave a forever home! I love him!
Guest66$2012-02-14Happy 6th Anniversary AARS!
shoegurl200125$2011-09-23Thank you for all you do for the animals!
Guest40$2011-08-31Great work AARS! - Roy Salinas
Guest10$2011-08-24You guys are doing wonderful work! Wish I could give more...
Guest30$2011-07-12I want to make this donation in memory of Rachel Wasserman who passed away unexpectedly on July 7, 2011. Rachel was an animal lover, especially cats. I would like a card sent to her parents in her memory: Gerald & Louise Wasserman, 4703 Foxmoor Court, Lafayette, Indiana 47905.